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Continuing on an entrepreneurial journey, Brett Rice founded Perth Business Advisors on the heels of a successful exit from his own WA based SME venture. With an energetic approach for elevating SMEs, Brett is the quintessential partner for business owners aiming to develop bold strategies to maximise their operational expertise and optimise profitability.

Our Approach

At Perth Business Advisors, we understand that your business is hard earned, and its inherent value was carved out by your hard work over time. We want to join you in that journey with you, to collaborate on finishing what you have already built. Together we want to take the final steps to engineering and positioning your business to exactly where you want it to be, ready to propel into the next phase of profitability and growth, or to release that value back to you and realise the asset!

The choice is yours. Lead by Brett Rice, the Perth Business Advisors team has the experience, drive, and the energy for life required to make a step change in your business’s performance.

Strategy, Optimisation and Performance are the core operating values at PBA.

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We offer Business Optimisation and Effectiveness Services targeting:

Finance, Profitability, Value Creation

Finance, Sales, Profitability and Value Creation Strategies

Social Media Leverage and Marketing Strategy

Social Media Leverage via Optimised User Interface and Marketing Strategy

Organisational Behaviour Strategy matched to your Dynamic Market Forces

Organisational Behavioural Strategy matched to your identified Inbound Dynamic Market Forces

Business Operations and Processes

Business Operations and Processes efficiency

Legal Compliance and Insurance

Legal Compliance and Insurance

Service Plans


Makeover 6 Plan

Time is of the essence, fast-tracked key improvement plan.


Intensive 12 Plan

Detailed comprehensive deep dive into most facets of your business.


Journey 24 Plan

Vineyard approach, root and branch transformative analysis achieving broad process and structural improvement across your entire business.

Meet Brett Rice

Boasting an impressive career peppered with commercial victories across the Australian corporate landscape and SME domains, Brett stands as a seasoned business advisor and mentor.

His professional journey is supported by an expansive network of skilled and experienced business experts, fostering collaboration and innovation.

Beyond Business: A Life Enriched with Community, Adventure, and Family

Calling Perth home, Brett is deeply rooted in his community, celebrating a life filled with adventure travel, live music, surfing, and hiking alongside his wife since 1986. Together, they navigate the joys of life with their three adult children, embodying the spirit of exploration and familial bonds. Brett Rice’s story is not just about business success; it’s a testament to living a life full of passion, purpose, and adventure.

Brett Rice founder of Perth Business Advisors

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Brett Rice
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We empower and champion WA business owners, helping them optimise profitability and growth with expert guidance from Brett Rice.

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